I was never a fan of ‘following all the rules’.

My Junior year in High School, the students didn’t have access to seniors’ library, and i was fond of reading books, tried to get there but was stopped by school management , next day i took all the class students with me on the gate of library and refused to go back to class, after repeating the same for few days, school management allowed the juniors to get in the library.

It was a memorable day!

If you are thinking to do some thing new, something different , dont wait for the favorable days, dont wait for some one to guide you through the process to be some where, you might be waiting a REALLY long time!

Plan ahead your career moves, take all the advices, but do what your heart says and utilize all your energies to be what you want to be.

Life is too short to live in the fears of getting rejected, and to not to do what you like.

no one else but you can think the best for yourself.

Please share your bold action moves in the comments.