1. Are you multi-lingual?
2. Do you have experience of working in different countries?
3. In which industries have you worked?
4. What are your strong job positions?
5. What of your expertise and core competencies will be a great asset at any organization?
6. What is an advantage of your official education?
7. What other professional qualifications and certifications make you stand out from a crowd?
8. What are your outstanding achievements? Tell us your results.
9. What are your good technical/computer skills?
10. What are your great soft skills?
11. What would your colleagues or managers say as your strengths and weaknesses?
12. How many references do you have?
13. How strong are your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile?
14. What are the added-values that you are bringing to a new company? (note: next 6 questions are related to this one)
15. Network of contact?
16. Improving the organization?
17. Initiating new ideas?
18. Bringing more outstanding candidates?
19. Branding a company?
20. Sharing knowledge and skills?

What are the hard questions for you to answer?
What would you add on this list?

By knowing your Strengths and Weaknesses, you will move forward with a career you love.