Businesses are heavily affected by the corona pandemic in 2020 and even after the vaccination is started any chances of improvement are very slim, thousands of businesses are getting closed and millions of people have been laid off since the first quarter of 2020.

So what should the jobseekers do to find the right job at this time, below are the few tips for job seekers,

  1. To the Point Resume

We have often seen that jobseekers have put too much details on the resume which is unnecessary and recruiters do not have time to look for the long resumes.

Keep it shorter, more specific about your qualifications, experience and other skills required to do the jobs.

Under your experience try to mention some of your achievements or the positive output of your decisions you took in last company. If possible, mention that your specific decision saved a huge amount of time or money for the company. It will leave a positive impact on recruiter’s mind. 

Resume should not be just a description of your work activities in the previous company, achievements and outcome of your decisions and hard work should be visible on resume as well.

  • Tailor Made Resume

Don’t use the same resume to apply for every job, change it according to the job specification. The more your resume matches the skills and expertise mentioned in the job description more are the chances to get a positive reply. Instead of applying for 100 jobs in a day without changing the resume, better apply for few jobs by changing the resume to match the job requirement.  Personalizing resume according to the job requirement is most important point, never forget it before applying for the job.

  • Networking

Networking is the most important tool to get a job these days, stay active on LinkedIn and other platforms to get in touch with recruiters and even with the professional of your own filed. Join all the job pages and group and be active in those groups by liking the posts and commenting if possible. Don’t forget to send greeting messages to your network if they are promoted or they have birthdays.  A person whom you send a greeting message today can be a good reference for your next job.

Also when you see a job opening in some company, check in your network group if someone is working for that company and after applying for the same job, send a message to your network connection about your job application. That can be a good reference to help you find a job and it leaves good impression that you are serious about job search.

Networking in any form will help you to understand the current market trends, current job openings. Ask the professionals of your own field for guideline to search a job effectively.

  • Top Up Skills

No matter if you are jobless and are unable to catch the attention of recruiters, utilize this time to top up your skills and expertise, so some online short courses, or even certifications or diploma, these short courses and diplomas are going to help you for longer run and will be highly beneficial for your future job search. Sometimes multiple candidates have the same professional and educational background however one having few short courses on hic cv get preference and finally shortlisted.

  • Sending Resume to Recruiters

Keep looking for latest jobs in your field from different job boards and try to apply for all the jobs related to your fields, even if your experience is lesser than the one mentioned in the job requirement still apply for the role, because may be in cases recruiter don’t find the desired candidates and you can get the chance to be shortlisted.  Don’t forget to tailor made your cv according to other job requirements mentioned in job ad.